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Bumbu Rasakoe Rendaman Daging Marinasi Kuning 1 Kg – MSG


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Rasakoe Marinade for Yellow Marinated Meat is made from selected spices that are specially formulated to have a delicious and healthy taste.

Yellow marinade is used for marinating or coating or soaking food ingredients in this marinade for 4-24 hours until ready to be processed. This spice is the basic yellow spice. The taste of nuking marinade is savory with a strong mixture of other spice aromas.

This seasoning is suitable for galangal fried chicken, soy sauce/honey grilled chicken, yellow opor, yellow uduk rice, etc.

We are a manufacturer that has complete permits (PIRT and MUI) and we can make flavors according to customer wishes, with a certain MOQ (minimum order quantity).

In this online shop we also sell various spices in various packaging options, available by request.
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