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Bumbu Tabur Pedas Gurih Daun Jeruk Non MSG – 50 gram


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Description of non MSG sprinkles
Bumbu Sprinkle with various flavors made from natural spices (non MSG)
which is made and packaged hygienically.
It has been certified halal by MUI and PIRT and is safe for consumption by all ages.

Can be used as an additional flavor for various products such as:
1. French fries
2. Potato Chips
3. Dumpling Chips
4. Cassava Chips
5. etc

We have several variants that are always ready, including:
1. Savory Spicy Sprinkles
2. Sprinkle Cheese
3. Sow Balado
4. Sprinkle Barbeque
5. Sow Savory/Original Onions
6. Sprinkle Blackpepper with Shillin spices
and several other variants, check out our shop…

We can also customize according to the buyer’s wishes (minimum purchase 1 kg)
to add flavor variants to the products they sell.

At this online shop we also sell in 50 gram, 250 gram & 1 Kg
We can also sell in other packages such as per ball, etc. by request.

Please choose the flavor variant and enjoy the delicious taste.

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Weight75 g


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